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Modidarte Expo

On 16th November, Booma presented the first line of tools created and designed specially by Booma for the brands.

The made of Modidarte is very complete and well articulated.

Proposed by Booma Group in the idea to bring art in fashion, "to show art through a simple presentation”.

The search of the Italian styling  team of Booma Group wanted to bring with a new key the lines of Amedeo Modigliani.

Tapered necks and stylized faces are the essence of this new sublime design.

Modidarte is the new expression of display created to support the real design, the whole concept has been developed through the artisanship and the design Made in Italy, the materials are of high quality and every single piece is finished by hand.

The hands are long and tapered, the mouths have three expressions and the busts are completed by a lanky line to spiral.


Modidarte  has such unique design that succeeds in exalting every detail of any accessory like a beautiful picture adorned  by a beautiful frame.